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SparkLabs is one of the largest innovation ecosystem builders in the world, and has a superb track record as venture capital investors. Strategy / Model Standard startup accelerator model. 80% / 20% carried interest split between LPs and GPs. 50% of capital raised goes to operating expenses (covering 3 to 5 years of operations). Market Early-stage startups in the IoT & Smart City space and AgTech, FoodTech and Sustainability startups.
Token sale completed on 27 January
Goal: $ 1,000,000

SparkLab’s mission through our startup accelerator fund is to spur innovation in critical sectors that impact our future and make Earth sustainable for future generations.

Our IoT & Smart City accelerator is the exclusive test bed partner for Songdo, South Korea’s $35 billion smart city built from the ground up.

Token Sale: 17 January — 27 January
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