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Blockchain, Finance, Technology
StartEngine exists to provide access. $500 Minimum Investment| $65M pre-money valuation Perks* | $1,000  — up to 10% off participating offerings on StartEngine. $2,000 — bonus shares in offerings for eligible users of StartEngine. $5,000+ — a yearly invitation to our owners summit in Los Angeles. *Please see full details of investment perks at the end of this page.
Token sale completed on 01 January
Goal: 10,000,000 USD
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Every day an entrepreneur comes to StartEngine with a business unlike any we’ve seen before.

If on Monday we meet a clean energy innovator, on Tuesday we’re talking to a swimsuit disruptor. If on Wednesday we meet the mind behind a new urban transit system, on Thursday we’re hearing about a new social media platform. By Friday, it’s a car, a truck, a car that looks like a truck or runs like a bike, a restaurant, a satchel, or an app that helps you turn off all your other apps.

Token Sale: 01 January — 01 January
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