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smartchem (SCM) is a profit participation token, to be issued by German based intelligent fluids GmbH. Each token allows the holder to participate in up to 29% profits of intelligent fluids profits. Intelligent fluids is a technology company designing and producing innovative high-performance cleaning fluids that are unique in the world.
Token sale will start 01 May
Goal: €500,000

Smartchem focuses on two core segments: microelectronics and maintenance. Currently, we are doing over 1M€ revenue p.a. We plan to increase production capabilities from 500 tons/year up to at least 13,500 tons/year in Europe. ​We already know from existing customer relations and market research, that in the microelectronics market, average sales per customer sum up to 300 tons/year, which is an equivalent of €2 million revenue.

Token Sale: 01 May — 01 August
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