The QuantmRE EQRE digital asset token will have measurable intrinsic value, potentially reducing the volatility and unpredictability suffered by other non-asset backed tokens. For qualifying investors, EQRE will provide the ability to make a passive investment in an audited pool of owner-occupied US residential real estate, a previously untapped $31.8 Trillion market.
Token sale completed on 30 June
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QuantmRE is creating EQRE – the world’s first crypto currency with true intrinsic value – a stablecoin backed by real estate assets. QuantmRE is building the world’s largest membership-driven, vertically integrated tokenized real estate marketplace powered by Blockchain technologies giving investors the ability to build, model, manage and trade diversified portfolios of real estate assets. QuantmRE enables homeowners to release the value of the equity that is locked up in their homes without taking on more debt.

Token Sale: 12 January — 30 June
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