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Oxygen Hospitality

Advertising, Data Services, Finance, Healthcare, REIT, Technology
“We strive to be the beacon on the hill, providing trust and guiding a new wave of investors interested in the commercial real estate marketplace,” said Peter Anadranistakis, president of Oxygen Hospitality Group. “Investors in our hotels will now receive shares, represented by tokens, with asset backed security and an unprecedented level of transparency that’s extremely important for investing in real estate.” He added, “Infusing technology into all aspects of our business from raising capital for acquisitions to the front and back of our hotel operations is a key focus in our growth.”
Token sale completed on 01 January
Goal: Not set

Oxygen Hospitality is the first to utilize the Token IQ platform. According to Mark Vange, CEO of Token IQ, “Token IQ’s patent pending technology allows Oxygen Hospitality to democratize access to their offerings, reduce the cost and complexity of compliance and do that in a way that fully comports with relevant regulation while empowering RIAs to be a fully participating partner in the effort.” He added, “The unique token recovery capability allows investors, RIAs and Oxygen Hospitality to effectively deal with any exigencies thus removing the risks and complexity associated with conventional crypto tokens.”

Token Sale: 01 January — 01 January
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