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BatteryStorage is developing a renewable energy storage solution in the UK to ensure uninterrupted energy supply to consumers at fixed prices; to reduce British dependence on fossil fuels; and to share profits with the holders of BSO tokens. In addition, BatteryStorage will utilise the low-cost electricity to which it will have access through the storing of renewable energy in times of oversupply, to conduct cryptocurrency mining operations and, in the future, operate a GPU-accelerated data centre.
Token sale completed on 01 January
Goal: 13,500,000 EUR
Website Whitepaper

It’s not the energy you make, it’s the energy you give.
BatteryStorage is a blockchain-based renewable energy project that aims at providing a reliable, non-volatile source of energy while also conducting mining operations. First UK based battery storage blockchain STO coming soon.

Token Sale: 01 January — 01 January
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